Basketball team celebrated a tough win

One night a bunch of young and tall guys came in and I found out that they are basketball players and where celebrating the victory they won that night. They said that they won the game it by 2 points and talked about the last shoot, the discussion continued about what kind of balls has the best grip for such shoots, so as I was sipping my beer it got interesting and I joined them. They told me about different types of basketballs that are available in the market, so I want to share some information about types and what materials are used to produce basketballs.

The first thing that you need to consider before buying a basketball is the size, as it varies for different type of players. The main factor is the age of player who is going to use it, just think about it – younger players has smaller hands so it’s logical that they should use a smaller ball to enjoy the game.

The second thing you have to keep in mind is material. It depends on where you are going to play: indoors our outside. Also, the court surface plays a major role.

Let’s talk about these two things I told you earlier. Continue reading “Basketball team celebrated a tough win”

NBA is way ahead from European basketball

One night we were watching basketball game in tavern and a discussion came up about differences of European basketball and NBA.

Kevin Durant does not watch how many rivals close to him in the road to a ring. The forward easily gained speed, made a jump from the free throw line, hanged in air – bank. Easily, without excess movements and concern “it will go in – or not”. As if it at practice session, and before that – not team of Euroleague, but only basketball hoops.

It is an exhibition game of NBA team “Oklahoma City Thunder” in Istanbul against local Fenerbahçe-Ulker within the NBA Global Games tour. Well, this match showed that, as has to: NBA – the strongest basketball league on the planet. Continue reading “NBA is way ahead from European basketball”

Tricks helping to meet chicks in tavern

“The girl, it is possible to get acquainted with you?” – the fine phrase. Ironic, original, and, above all, sincere. But causes no more enthusiasm, than the offer to show documents in girls. Why – it is not known, the female soul is dark. But it is known precisely that the following five methods of acquaintance guarantee success, enchanting sex, Thai massage, well or at least telephone number.

Trick #1. Joke about its cocktail addictions pull together

The comment concerning contents of a glass will help you to show sense of humor and to create sexual tension.

First step

So, your victim sits at a rack and something drinks. For a start walk slowly on the room, estimate a disposition – one it or with the gentleman. If competitors are not present, begin artillery preparation: wait while she almost (almost – it is important) drinks up the cocktail, smile and come into visual contact. Be convinced that the girl answered your look, without having choked for horror. Sit down nearby, order to yourself something and look what exactly she drinks – it too important. Keep surely, so, as if you also cannot assume that she will not want to communicate with fine you. Now your exit. Release the negligent remark: “However, that girls who drink Margarita, differ in special emotionality?” or “It that – already (even) ten evenings, and you still (already) drink martini?” Do not bother over an explanation of the idiotic question. What she answered, safely offer: “Hm, well, you will allow to treat you with the same?”

Path of success

Five minutes which will leave on registration of the order, win time for important short conversation. Now – let to it know the main thing that it is interesting to you to learn about it everything, and not just – its bed creaks or not. It is a threshold about which most of the men inspired with the first success stumble. Conversation will go easier if you ask so-called open questions – what it is impossible to answer simply yes or no. Help: begin questions with what, as, where and when. “And what will be if to touch with this fine drink? You already had such experience? And how you felt?” If the painful pause hangs, be not lost. Take Susan Roan’s advice, the author of the book “What to tell further?”: “You can intrigue the girl, having told that usually you are much more talkative, but, looking at her, forgot a half of words. It sounds sincerely, besides the compliment – the girl will surely respond to it”.

Finish attack with the order of one more cocktail. Agreeing, it signals: the way is open, dared forward. Now you can take phone barehanded.

If you changed the mind

On the conversation course you understood, what your relations were a mistake? It is time to round off them gracefully: “Now you will not be parched with thirst, my conscience is true. Forgive, I am waited”.

Trick #2. Try to apply magic of times it worked on Claudia Schiffer…

Stay in the center of attention reports to your image intolerable charisma. Women love men who are able to entertain and have a good time. For this reason tricks and focuses affect girls as a magnet. But do not listen to us. “If I see that the guy has really fun, I usually want to divide with him fun” – Lisa, 25 years old speaks.


First step

“I observed once the guy who sat at a rack and conjured to the girl – the flying olive, the blowing-up straw and other nonsense – the barman Mischa tells. – The bar was filled, and minutes through five round this guy the whole company of girls who heatedly commented on the events accumulated. It was one of the most effective methods of acquaintance, or as speak, the pickup technician. It brought together at once some persons interested to get acquainted, even without having risen from a chair”. (The description of these focuses see below.) When you begin the show, take care nevertheless that your friends acted as the first grateful audience. Then turn to the suitable spectator and tell: “You saw everything? If you guess how this focus works, I treat”. If she is not able to explain anything, so she from admiration forgot bases of Newtonian mechanics or simply all sixth class was distracted by early discovery of own sexuality. Both suits us – show focus once again and treat her.

Fixing of success

After an explanation of a trick transfer conversation actually to the girl. It is very easy to make it: “All right, focuses will be enough for today. Tell better about yourself”. Conduct conversation in line with information which it will issue about herself – so it will make impression that you are the attentive interlocutor. When drinks are drunk up, leave. Without having forgotten to invite her to the following representation, however. “We here often meet friends. You want, leave me phone, and I will tell you that cheerful will be next time”. It elaborately – the negligent offer will provide you the worthy assistant relying each conjurer.
If you changed the mind

If fun was much more when you worked focuses in front of the mirror, so before you not your viewer. We recede in a toilet. “And now one more focus – magic disappearance. You will excuse me? Wizards too do it”.

Trick #2. Fight with other guy

So, the girl of your dream was pressed in a corner by not nice subject with lewd gloss in eyes. Help it to find freedom, and in the game “acquaintance” you will receive odds. “I will be always grateful to the man who will relieve me of the importunate admirer” – Lena, explains 23 years.


First step

For a start understand a situation – whether really the girl needs rescue. Pay attention to nonverbal signs: if the victim and the aggressor face to each other and do not take eyes the friend with the friend, it is better not to climb – the bride herself dreams to be stolen. If she turns away all over and darts plaintive glances on the parties, so she wants on freedom – forward! At first you need to appear between them. Pour on yourself liquid and ask a napkin, pretend to be that the girl seems to you the acquaintance. Even if she sees you for the first time in life, she will support game and to you will be grateful for rescue.

Path of success

If at it is though a mind droplet, she has to invite you to sit down near it and to start with you slow conversation on your imaginary mutual friends and if the impudent person attacking it is trampled down by a row, and relatives. Treat her with cocktail. It will look as part of the plan for its rescue, but not as attempt to accustom to drinking her. Continue to play the card of the defender of widows and orphans: “I always feel that I should rescue someone. My ex-girlfriend (aha, now she knows that you are immensely lonely) said that hates when she is left one in the company of the unpleasant man”.

So, you positioned yourself the ladies’ man, now it is a high time to joke, for example to tell a joke about a wedding. This subject is very close to girls, and that you can easily operate with the terms “wedding”, “bride”, “flowers”, “registry office”, does you by the ideal man in her eyes. When all dangers pass, tell: “I so liked to rescue you, maybe, at me it will turn out once again? For example, to rescue you from starvation tomorrow at dinner?”

If you changed the mind

It can appear that the victim – itself continuous disaster, and if to understand, you rescued not it, and that guy. For escape use such phrase: “Was glad to help, I will go I will visit the company, and that you never know”. Go to look for the following victim.

Trick #3. Tempt her with a cue game – the excellent opportunity to approach

If you take active living position, billiards, darts, a pinball and other slot machines – alternative to a sluggish sit-round gathering at a table and the beautiful base for acquaintance. And besides testimony of your independence. “I will pay attention to the guy who in itself derives pleasure rather, but not simply sits in a corner and stares at each skirt” – the girl Alla, told 27 years us.


First step

Try to touch it with a cue for a start incidentally. (It is only about a touch, at least such that the girl remained it is live.) This episode guarantees you the easy and constructive beginning of acquaintance – you after all should apologize. Tell simply: “Oh, I, apparently, touched you. Million apologies! Perhaps, we will play – you will have a chance to revenge me”.

Path of success

If she does not want to play, it is necessary to insist on an entertainment cocktail upon termination of party. Simply in the form of compensation. And in case of a consent to you the scope for maneuver opens. Though you should speak about something and during game. Try to start intellectual conversation “As you think who plays billiards better – Madonna or Britney Spears?” Sounds how nonsense of the schizophrenic, but for development of easy conversation it where is better, than “You happened here earlier?” When you graduate from party, tell irrespective of result: “I think, we need a revenge. Give me your phone”. Easily and simply.

If you changed the mind

If the triangle for installation of spheres seems to you more sexual, than your new partner, tell that you do not like to play many parties in a row, and urgently recede to the bar.

Trick #4. Help naturally needing it so naturally…

If you spend time in the bar, sooner or later conscience will force you to go to a man’s toilet. On the road, there you will inevitably meet turn in the female. It is also your field of activity. Did not come to mind earlier? Think: there is a lot of them, it is boring for them, and they are already almost ready to take off pants – you are simply obliged to be there! “Once I got to talking with the guy when stood in a queue in a toilet – Galya, 23 shares memories. – He entertained me all the time while we stood there, asked some foolish questions, joked. Eventually we left together”.


First step

So, you have only five minutes on offering the girl communication which she would like to continue in the situation which is not connected with toilets. Fortunately, women become more indulgent when they boringly and around have not enough men. Besides you have the common secret cause, you somewhat companions in misfortune. You can safely operate toilet humour. Tell that at the beginning of turn saw the girl with a small volume of “War and peace”. Promise it to call rescuers if it too long is not.

Fixing of success

Ask as if accidentally, whether it because if you again get stuck in this turn, you will be needs its company leaves. After fascinating conversations about nuances of physiology it is possible to transfer conversation to other subjects. Ask where she spends time when is not necessary in turn in a toilet. Having reached the purpose, you will be already as the brother and the sister. Therefore your offer to wait for you to return together, will be heard quite naturally. And absolutely logical that you worried, will be to suggest it something to drink.

If you changed the mind

You cannot present yourself with this girl further than in five meters from a bathroom? Tell: “Sorry, probably, I will be late further there, than counted. Very specific kitchen here”.

10 Reasons to meet new people in tavern

We tell why to get acquainted in the bar much more conveniently and more abruptly, than on the Internet.

During Tinder’s era to get acquainted offline already it seems somehow not from a hand. Why to strain and pull out a player from ears when it is possible to dive into a bathtub at home, to pour to itself wines and slowly to consider gentlemen – as on a show-window. Let’s assume, about acquaintance in the subway or library descendants all the same for anything will not believe in history, but there are places, more suitable for this business – for example, bar.


It is not necessary to spend time

Acquaintances on the Internet – piece excellent at least because are opportunity better to recognize the person. But sometimes such “recognition” is tightened, correspondence turns into the full novel. However, virtual, and on transfer of the relations to other aggregate state – that is not one week sometimes goes to reality -. Well and why to wait so much?

Good person

If he sits opposite to you at a rack, at him it will not turn out to palm off on you George Clooney’s photograph in youth or himself any more on a third year of university when blood was hot, shoulders getting warmer, and a stomach … And the stomach was not at all! You see, in what it is dressed and as behaves. And if it stirs a fork champagne that “there were GAZ cars”, everything is clear, it is even possible not to begin.


You drank, to you is cheerful

One glass, well or two. It is quite enough of it slightly to relax, but not to be cut to a condition of a lizard. It is plus hundred to charisma, charm, gloss in eyes and to fervent laughter. Guys promptly peck on cheerful and carefree. Especially as in the bar they and for certain already slapped on a wine glass.

The atmosphere solves

In the subway, all hate each other, on the street do not notice, and on Facebook and an Instagram show off. Bar – that place where people come to have fun and chat about the pleasant. The atmosphere on your party: here all in good mood, some are open to communication, and not against adventures.


It is possible with the girlfriend

Men condemn girls who come to personal meeting with the girlfriend. In fact, correctly do – appointment does not assume the auditorium. And acquaintance in the bar easily lifts these limits: you already came with the girlfriend, and it already with two friends. So what?

There is a subject

In sense, a subject for conversation. The most unpleasant on appointments – awkward silence when it is necessary to speak about something, but weather and traffic jams on busy streets was already discussed. The subject for conversation lies rather costs nearby. Daiquiri? And whether you know, what Ernest Hemingway could drink such 12 pieces, and to him anything for it was not? And then you have usually a snack dark ale? Let’s think up new cocktail and we will call it somehow romantically: “Maestro”!


To look at everyone out there

It is possible to be thrown by a couple of words behind a bar counter and in case it not your passenger, quietly to return to girlfriends and an ice mojito. In principle, any appointment you to anything does not oblige, be it the first or hundred first. But to leave with a radiant smile without explanations still before brought drinks, after all it is difficult and awfully impolite.


To pump over self-confidence

Usually you hesitate to take the first step, but in a situation, where people obviously not against acquaintances, to show an initiative much more simply. If you do not want to approach that nice guy personally, use retro reception: transmit it a note through the bartender.



To find interlocutors

Sometimes you do not want any appointments, and there is a wish for the person who would listen to you, on the contrary. You should not tell about yourself to the innocent guy from Tinder, perhaps – most likely, will not estimate, and this lovely person behind a bar counter, maybe, and will listen. Not for nothing after all say that psychologists in Russia will not become popular while there are bartenders and night taxi drivers.

It is easy!

We will be frank: seldom who purposefully looks for in the bar or club love for the rest of life. And if looks for, quickly enough is disappointed. Of course, so happens. But it is rather an exception which confirms the rule. To the bar go to hang out, flirt, practice in a coquetry and sometimes slightly to fall in love. Sometimes only before opening of the subway or a hungover breakfast in near Coffee shop, but it too has the right for existence if all participants of events are happy. It is simplest to find in the bar to itself short-term romantic an adventure to be stirred up, vanish, and then already to think (or not) of continuation.