Rules of dishwashing in our tavern

dishwashing job in our tavern

The ware sink method in three is known to a section washing bathtub at many restaurants and bars. It is a way guarantees that ware is properly cleaned, disinfected, and it is ready to further use. We submit you the evident guide for your newcomers of employees as it is correct to wash the dishes by a method of a three-section sink.

Step 1: Preparation

Our personnel is always preparing themselves by using special clothes and wearing special gloves for dishwashing. That is required because it is not healthy at all if you wash without gloves. For those who want to know more about dishwashing gloves should check out best reviews from professionals because these guys did a great job on gathering information in one guide. We care about our people and always use professional products to protect health and make working conditions as good as we can. So we recommend to prepare before starting.

Step 2: Preliminary sink

Before a sink cycle in the 3rd to a section washing bathtub, it is necessary to scrape off as much as possible remains of food from ware in a garbage can or a tank. It will help to keep water of cleaner and to save on detergents. By the way, the silicone scraper or a shovel optimum will be suitable for this procedure.

Step 3: Wash up

Make sure that each section of a bathtub clean and is disinfected before filling with water. 1ya section for washing with hot water with solution, with a temperature in the range from 35 to 50 degrees of Page. And you have to have a good brush near at hand. If you wash only glasses, very convenient will use such adaptation as submersible glass washer. Do not forget to change water when temperature or when water becomes dirty begins to fall.

Step 4: Wash out

2nd the section of a washing bathtub has to be filled with hot water about 50 – 60 C temperature. The cleaned dish, has to be washed out until on it there is no detergent trace left. If after the second – the third rinsing, on ware there are detergent traces, but it is necessary to change water.

Step 5: Sanitary cleaning

3rd section of a washing bathtub have to be filled with disinfectant to provide removal of all bacteria from a ware surface. It is naturally necessary to hold testing of water for the level of acidity (pH), by means of a special tester what would will be convinced that disinfecting solution, is mixed in the proportions recommended by the producer. If you use solution on the basis of chlorine, you have to watch the pH level as chlorine will evaporate during longer time even more.

Step 6: Drying by air

The only recommended way for drying of ware at restaurant, is drying air – do not wipe ware a towel, let’s it dry.


  • Never use bathtubs for a washing of hands or a mop.
  • Replacement of water in all sections required every four hours.