Relevance of opening sports bar

Today around the world, very actively and quickly big and small business develops. The most profitable branch is, of course, the services industry including trade, restaurant business and another. In our country, most of the beginning businessmen invest huge money in construction of various bars and restaurants. And all this with an ulterior motive. It is necessary to tell that bars are almost only places where it is possible to retire and relax quietly. In bar, it is possible to drink, meet the friend or the big company to celebrate a housewarming. All this makes bar by an irreplaceable institution now. Continue reading “Relevance of opening sports bar”

NBA is way ahead from European basketball

One night we were watching basketball game in tavern and a discussion came up about differences of European basketball and NBA.

Kevin Durant does not watch how many rivals close to him in the road to a ring. The forward easily gained speed, made a jump from the free throw line, hanged in air – bank. Easily, without excess movements and concern “it will go in – or not”. As if it at practice session, and before that – not team of Euroleague, but only basketball hoops.

It is an exhibition game of NBA team “Oklahoma City Thunder” in Istanbul against local Fenerbahçe-Ulker within the NBA Global Games tour. Well, this match showed that, as has to: NBA – the strongest basketball league on the planet. Continue reading “NBA is way ahead from European basketball”

Tricks helping to meet chicks in tavern

“The girl, it is possible to get acquainted with you?” – the fine phrase. Ironic, original, and, above all, sincere. But causes no more enthusiasm, than the offer to show documents in girls. Why – it is not known, the female soul is dark. But it is known precisely that the following five methods of acquaintance guarantee success, enchanting sex, Thai massage, well or at least telephone number. Continue reading “Tricks helping to meet chicks in tavern”