Relevance of opening sports bar

sports bar

Today around the world, very actively and quickly big and small business develops. The most profitable branch is, of course, the services industry including trade, restaurant business and another. In our country, most of the beginning businessmen invest huge money in construction of various bars and restaurants. And all this with an ulterior motive. It is necessary to tell that bars are almost only places where it is possible to retire and relax quietly. In bar, it is possible to drink, meet the friend or the big company to celebrate a housewarming. All this makes bar by an irreplaceable institution now.

Besides, it is very important that wealthy people who leave a lot of money there quite often go to bars. How many would not cost service in bar, clients will be there always. Advantage of this type of places is also that, unlike cafe and restaurants, there often there are entertainment programs, good music. Let’s consider in more detail how to open sport of bars on average on the area the city namely that for this purpose is necessary and what initial capital will be required.

Equipment and interior of the room

Many will ask a question: and how many it will be required the equipment to organize the sport of bars. Answer quite simple.

The sport of bars differs from usual bar only in the fact that in it visitors can watch live sports competitions, in particular, the football matches loved by many.

Advertising sport bar this way, the necessary equipment which has to be available is a bar counter, tables, chairs, soft sitting, clothes, plates for cooking, the cabinet oven, microwave ovens, refrigerating appliances, well and screens of TVs. It is the best of all to hang up one big flat liquid crystal monitor that it was visible to all visitors. The second option is to put several screens of the smaller sizes, especially it is important if the premises of bar are divided into several halls.

Also, the interior is of great importance. The most important that to visitors it was cozy and comfortable. It is necessary to make so that all clients had enough seats for viewing of matches. The sound from the screen of the monitor has to be loud and pure. A bar counter – one of basic elements of this kind of institutions. On behind it all range of alcoholic and other beverages has to settle down. It is recommended to decorate a rack with mirrors. A floor and walls have to be light or bright tones to lighten clients the mood. They have to be smooth that it was possible to process without effort them after each change. One more integral part of bar is clothes.

Choice of service personnel

Fans in sport bar as much it is necessary to invite workers for successful activity of sports bar? Definite answer cannot be given. The head of an institution, his assistant, the administrator, 1 or 2 bartenders, security guards, waiters, the cleaner, the HR manager, the technologist surely have to be on the staff. The persons who had an interview are invited to work and it is desirable having experience in this sphere. As bars treat catering establishments, all personnel have to have medical examinations and have personal medical books.

For attraction of personnel it is possible to organize advertising: to place announcements in newspapers or magazines, to hang up posters, to create the website on the Internet and many other things. It is important that as much as possible people learned about new sports bar, it will attract more clients and will upgrade the rating of an institution. In general, in averages and big cities there is a lot of such institutions, there is also a certain competition. That to avoid it, there are several methods. First, it is possible to reduce the prices of binge, secondly, to make a fashionable and modern interior that any person who came did not want to leave. Thirdly, to organize high quality of service. Now it is a big problem in many night institutions.