Basketball team came to celebrate in our tavern

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One night I was about to close it down then a group of sporty guys came in and ordered a buzz of beers. They said that they are the team who just competed for the championship of their local neighborhood and won the final game. It was interesting to talk with them as we started to get in to details of how the game went.

I didn’t knew that these guys are playing basketball at all but then they started to tell me the story of what an exciting final match was I started to get curious.

By asking questions about the game they played they got even more excited and asked for more beer for story telling. I agreed so here it is.

At first I didn’t knew anything about basketball at all, but now I’m kind of pro and can chat with all fans about most of the aspects of this popular sports game.

They started the story by telling me how they prepared for the game, how nervous they was the day before this final match and how it all went. In the first quarter other team had few point lead and these guys were sad and almost gave up, but captain of the team Jared had never stopped to believe that they are going to win, but at that time the rest of the guys started to doubt in themselves and it did more harm than good. So Jared told them that let’s leave everything aside and play like it’s just a regular game, in other words he said, guys, we came here a long way to be in the final match and what is doing on with us now? We already won by being there!

They went to second quarter and by them end of it got a few points lead. All game was a mental war between two teams. The end of the game was where it all happen and last shot decided the winner. Guys where pointing fingers to the most drunk guy – Tom, he made the final and victorious shot which got them the title of champions. I asked Tom about that shot and he said that ball was about to slip of his hands during that last shot but he managed to control it because it had a nice grip and make a shot, luckily he made it! He said that with a huge smile on his face.

I proceeded to ask about that situation and It got me thinking about balls, how different they are? Well these guys told be to see great guide about basketballs and their types. I have never had an idea that there is even different size of balls for man and women. But now I know it all.

These guys stayed way more time and got drunk like a real champions! I understand them as there was a huge stress during the game and the last minutes was a moment that they will remember the rest of their lives. They where tired but so happy and I was happy for them too.

All basketball fans are welcome in our tavern! In the future we plan to show live NBA games at big screens, so we all can enjoy watching quality basketball.

By the way I think I will start to learn some skills and try myself in basketball with my buddies as I know they play it on Sundays 🙂